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Photographer and cyclist and Mac expert and software engineer Lloyd Chambers is available for consulting on general Sprinter considerations at his usual consulting rates via phone, or in person in the Palo Alto, CA area. Save yourself hours and mistakes by discussing issues up-front.

More about Lloyd DEF is the primary ingredient used to help convert NOx to harmless nitrogen and water. BlueDEF is stable, colorless, non-flammable, non-toxic and is classified as minimum risk for transportation. The shelf life of DEF is directly related to the temperature at which it is stored.

If BlueDEF freezes, its efficacy will not be effected upon thawing.

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Page of the Mercedes Sprinter user manual states offers some important warnings:. Never mix DEF with additives or thin it with tap water. The exhaust gas after- treatment may otherwise be damaged.

How To Refill Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Mercedes Sprinter DIY Peak Blue

Damage that results from the use of additives or tap water leads to the loss of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. If DEF comes into contact with a painted or aluminum surface, wash the surface off immediately with plenty of water. DEF is not a diesel additive and must not be mixed with fuel in the tank.

Even small amounts of DEF can cause engine damage. Containers made of aluminum, copper, copper alloys as well as unalloyed or galvanized steel are not suitable for storing DEF. If stored in these types of containers, DEF could cause constituents of these metals to dissolve and cause irreparable damage to the exhaust gas after-treatment. The 3. In the first miles, the Mercedes Sprinter 3. The best way to deal with this is to top off the DEF fluid slowly so as not to spill out of the top but yet to fill it fully.

Conservatively, it looks like about miles per gallon for DEF fluid. Unless a very long trip is planned, there is little reason to carry DEF fluid assuming the reservoir is topped off before leaving. DEF fluid is readily available at auto parts stores, Walmart and similar stores or Amazon. Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Buy other stuff at Amazon. Upgrade the memory of your iMac up to GB.

Handpicked deals USB-C model also available. DEF level in Mercedes Sprinter after miles.Forums New posts. What's new New posts. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Check DEF level. Thread starter glegsurf Start date Apr 13, I have a I4 Crew Van. It is theWB, and low roof.

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The only thing I have done to it, is installing a new piece of paneling, that all Crew vans seem to be bare of. All the other verticle areas have panels installed, plus a headliner. Why no upper rear paneling?

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But I love my van none the less. I only have miles on my van, and thought it odd to use DEF so quickly. But a quick call to my local MB dealer set me straight. He asked if I did much stop and go, I said "yes". He said that will eat up the fluid, at double the rate of open road driving. He also suggested topping of the DEF, about every 5, miles. That seemed easy enough to remember. I asked to be put thru to the parts dept. Ouch, says I.

I used a slide rule, and figured that was cheaper than the dealers.

mercedes sprinter how to check def level

It is the exact specifications as factory. I bought a gallon and put it in at home. A very easy do. The reservoir is right in front, and has a big cupped rubber disk around the filler.

How do you tell how many gallons in your DEF fluid tank?

I poured the fluid in slowly, and could hear it going into the tank. Then the gallon was empty.Diamond Jim helped make these videos. We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car.

The video above shows you the steps needed to check the power steering fluid level in your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Checking the power steering fluid level in your Sprinter is relatively easy and should be done once a month or if you are experienced difficulty turning the wheel or steering your Sprinter Your Sprinter should be parked on a level surface and your 3. If the power steering fluid level in your Sprinter is low, fill it up to the maximum line with power steering fluid and check it again in a week to determine if you have a leak.

If your car is leaking a small amount of power steering fluid - see this video on how to fix the leak. Driving with your phone pressed against your ear is illegal in many places.

See how to talk hands free! Did you know that the sun wears out wiper blades faster than rain? Replace your blades twice a year. Do you ever get into your friend's car and notice a bad smell? A dirty cabin air filter could be the culprit. Properly inflated tires is the easiest way to improve fuel economy. The right tire pressure is NOT on the side of your tire btw. Getting Started Prepare for the repair.

Open the Hood How to pop the hood and prop it open. Find Reservoir Locate the power steering fluid reservoir. Check Level Determine the power steering fluid level. Checking Tips Tips on reading the power steering fluid levels. Replace Cap Secure the power steering fluid cap back in place. More Info. Additional information on power steering fluid. Video Description. Other videos you might find helpful. Quick fix for minor power steering fluid leaks If your car is leaking a small amount of power steering fluid - see this video on how to fix the leak Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3.

Pair your phone Driving with your phone pressed against your ear is illegal in many places. Replace your wiper blades Did you know that the sun wears out wiper blades faster than rain? Replace your blades twice a year Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3. Bad odors inside? Check this Do you ever get into your friend's car and notice a bad smell?There's three sized tanks in the owner's manual for a Mercedes Benz Sprinter All are in the owner's manual guide for USA Sprinters How do you validate which one you have?

Can you easily find out under the hood? MDClancy answered 2 years ago.

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I can't find anything. I would suggest one of two things. Call Mercedes-Benz and they may have something on file and then come back and tell us how to find out. Option two is to get a Def filler spout which is designed to prevent you from overfilling or spilling it.

I wish you the best of luck. Markw answered 2 years ago. MDClancy- thank you Actually, someone at Mercedes Benz told me they think it's the 5. I challenged them to explain to me WHY the unit when into the reset mode with more than 50 percent DEF fluid left in the tank??? If it really was a 5. Now that I'm reading this, it makes more sense that it's a 3. I could only believe that it makes more sense that it was really close to the 1 gallon mark when the system tripped the low fluid light?

Mercedes said to ignore the owner's manual and keep it filled up every 1, to 1, miles I'm going to do this from now on. It's not just mileage, it's idling, hot weather, and other road conditions that eat up DEF Only wish there was a fluid gauge for this like the fuel tank. One more thing NONE of this happened My advice is don't let the DEF fluid get too low. System should have reset Run it low and see how much it takes to fill it. Keep a bottle in the car in case you run low out on the road.

I'll just keep topping it off every 1, miles or so I'm beginning to think that I really have the smaller tank on the Sprinter When I purchased this vehicle they said I could easily drive 4, miles before worrying about it So, I'll have to check it periodically. Unfortunately, there's no gauge on the vehicle and I even inquired about adding one Running out and allowing for the warning light to come on is NOT a good idea The vehicle went into the countdown mode immediately Limited engine restarts Even Mercedes said keep it filled upForums New posts Search forums.

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mercedes sprinter how to check def level

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter RatDog Start date Sep 19, First Prev 3 of 9 Go to page. I would not recommend buying a used sprinter unless the seller has receipts in hand for all this.

Once it starts to go plan on every miles another check engine lite or a def countdown. Its been absolutely insane! I will never recover all the downtime. Might have something to do with the top fluid sensor and how it interacts with the rest of the BS. Most of the time the countdown will cancel with enough cold starts and a topped off tank, but the CEL remans on.

I've been trying that for the last 6 or 7k. Topping it off every to miles. It hasn't made a difference with the CEL. I have noticed, now that I can clear my own CEL, that it trips about every to miles.

So far, I just stop, clear it and go on. As of now, clearing the code seems to have stopped the countdown from triggering. Fingers crossed. US Navy. Reactions: fenderbender. Well, just an update on my DEF trouble. Knock on veneer. I've been somewhere around 8K now with no light. I'm also continuing to fill the DEF tank around K just for good measure. I'll see if posting this jinxes it. Reactions: ntimevan. Update: I was afraid it was too good to last. After around 18K of clearing the CEL whenever it lit up, the countdown is back.

My scanner won't reset that. I'm in Nashville now waiting to unload. I'm going to head over to dealer when empty. I hope they can reset it quickly so I don't have to go out of service. It might stop counting down I've seen it happen several times.If you have any experience with this either way, please share. The owner's manual says if the light comes on, refill and the system will reset itself.

Dealership says keep it full. What's your opinion??? Depends on your driving habits, if going on a long trip in nice clothes then top it off before hand so you do not need to worry about while on the trip. Should be able to make it miles or so.

mercedes sprinter how to check def level

If your pulling a travel trailer then check more often and keep some on-hand to top off, and the top off mentioned means just that its top off fluid so top it off instead of waiting till its empty.

So check for yourself if possible. There is 3 safeguards in place most times first amber light on then it blinks then red light on dash stays on and engine is limited to low power until refilled. Markw answered 2 years ago. Actually, I drove about 3, miles and the light came on.

I expected that this would be easy. They reset it and of course charged me for the service When I purchased the Sprinter someone told me I could easily go 4, miles or more.

Mercedes Benz dealership said don't let the light come on and keep it full I'm going with the dealerships advice from now on. My frustration is that the owners manual says one thing while the dealership says something Thats what I say most say add when first light comes on but I have heard of the system errors and topping off is best.

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These were designed to not mal-function of course, but sometimes have to be reset by the dealership and this is my take on it, if it may mal-function if the light comes on then keep it full. Called Mercedes Benz and they said bring it in before it gets to zero, otherwise, it will have to be towed Didn't want that I've read countless stories online where people failed to get their systems running with all sorts of "tricks" From here on out, I'm going to follow the dealerships advice and ad fluid every or so miles I only wish that the stupid idiot light was never discussed in the owner's manual and should have ignored the instructions someone gave me when I purchased the truck.

You live and learn I know of the stories, I would consider filling a complaint.Along with oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and fuel, modern diesel engines also need DEF to run properly. DEF helps with emissions control and the computer in your van will stop you from driving if it detects an empty DEF tank.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a mixture of urea and water. Basically the same ingredients as urine. The impurities in your pee would mess up the SCR catalyst. In the exhaust system, its job is to convert nitrogen oxides NOx into water and nitrogen.

mercedes sprinter how to check def level

The exhaust has already been treated several different ways by this point. The DEF breaks down into ammonia in the hot exhaust gasses. This reaction produces water vapor and nitrogen — neither of which cause pollution issues. When the DEF level gets to 0. The sensor in the DEF tank seems to still be an engineering work-in-progress.

The tank itself is under the sliding door step in vans. After filling up, put the cap back on and then rinse around the whole area with water to dilute any DEF that might have spilled. DEF is corrosive and can damage other components in your engine area.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Adblue Tank Heater Replacement

Most auto stores and even some gas stations carry it. Check the expiration date before you buy. Fresher really is better with DEF. In other words, you can get it much cheaper elsewhere. Cheapest: Fill up from a truck stop DEF dispenser. Just like fuel pumps, truck stops have DEF pumps too. Cheaper cartons than Mercedes: We have used several different brands.

You can buy the 2. Harder to pour, but it works just fine. Skip to content. What is DEF?

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The DEF tank fill is under the hood. DEF tank filler location — left hand side of the engine bay when looking from the front The blue cap has a small funnel area around it to catch any stray DEF. DEF tank filler has a protective collector around it.

Top off or drain and fill? What DEF to buy? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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